Novello brand has been referred with high quality bathroom furniture and accessories based on technical and formal innovations for the most beautiful bathrooms in the world including yours for over 50 years covering the years 1956-2009. Novello has been searching for versatile, stylish and sumptuous bathroom furniture. NEWS 2012 model that combines design with functionality is a good example.

New Canestro Series are equipped with front sink worktop and practical and aesthetic accessories. However, a new product, Libera 3D has simple but versatile features, which allow symmetrical or asymmetrical assemblies to be done. Original Light 45 recommends attentive and simple shapes to create easy a functional and a young bathroom decor. Finally, Easy product, which is a rectangular and semi-circular shower tray made of Corian item, may be adapted to specific milimeter dimensions. At the same time, it is compatible with all the Novello furniture to improve your space.


Novello Book-2014