KeramagKeramische Werke AG Company, which has factories in the Wesel and Haldensleben Regions, whose central office locates in Ratingen, is one of the leading German companies for brand production to ceramic health equipment. There are bathtubs, shower trays, bathroom furniture and health care products-made in mineral Varicor ® substance in the range of products. Architects, investors, construction companies and restaurateurs pay great attention to expertize.
Keremag products are quite attractive in terms of both design and functionality of products as well as high quality, durability and economic values.The brand makes promise high performance and uncompromising excellence in all areas from the process of product development to the customer services. With this mind, Keremag is the first bath ceramic producer approved in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001International Quality Standard.
Sustainability at Keramag
Keramag saves water and takes resources under protection. In most of houses, 63% of our drinking water is used in the bathroom, and 27% used for the siphon. When we look at the offices and administrative buildings, average water consumption is 20-30 litres per labor force and number of employees. Each litre saved lowers the operating costs and creates an environmental process chain with positively and effectively quality. The concept of sustainability starts out with the slogan “Save water and protect your sources has been effectively implemented in our company for many years and for further development is shown continuously strive. The responsibility for dealing with the water requires knowledgeable users about the subject.
We are delighted to be pioneering attempt to Blue Responsibility.
The environmental, economic and social productivity of the buildings is subject to the companies, which implement the concept of sustainability in a consistent manner and develop effectively such concepts. This is one of the reasons of our membership to the DGNB Germany Council of Sustainable Buildings
A consistent sustainability philosophy
We are seen as number one brand supplier of commercial sector and private bathroom solutions with the corporate principle of we create stable values for more than 100 years.
This principle was adopted at every stage of our company and its expansion is as follows
The safe, high quality of our products
Protection of the values for a long time

Functional and versatile comfort
A good quality of life
Innovation prompts us to develop future-oriented solutions
Future foundations were laid at Keramag as recently as yesterday.
Thanks to Keramag sustainable building: productivity provides great benefit.


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