Ottone Meloda

Ottene Meloda boasts of being active for 60 years as a pioneer of the market in manufacturing of tap / mixer for bathroom and kitchen. The company established in 1952 in Pella in Novara Region, near the Orta Lake and after a while moved around to San MaurizioD’Opaglio, was one of the leading companies of Silicon Valley on the manufacturing of Italian tap. OttoneMeloda and the history of the company have worldwide appeared; Export has made to Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia and all of Europe. Now, new markets such as China and India, is targeted. More than 50 countries have noticed that OttoneMeloda provides the finest Italian goods and the products come to the forefront in terms of perfection, innovativeness, maximum environmental care.

Well then what needed to gain a permanent seat on the tap market known today as busy? The answer is very simple: To reserve advantages, which meet market requirements and customer expectations. In addition the advantages OttoneMeloda provides, the advantages, which give a lifetime warranty for all taps supplied by O&M unrivaled in terms of practicality and originality and keep under control with all aspects of every stage of the production process, take an important place.

Full production intercompany

An unrivaled quality/ price ratio

Lifetime warranty for all the serials

“Available on market, the most complete series made completely in Italy”

In addition to all these, I suggest that you consider our mission too: “We produce products, which will meet the precise requirements of the mankind, by starting out our tradition, experience and technology.”


All products covered by indefinite warranty begins with the date of purchase needs to be attested with an invoice. We warrant the quality of our products and that there are not manufacturing defects and they operates perfect.

Warranty expires in the following cases

Misuse of the product and to be intervened in the product by unauthorized persons.

Deterioration or improper operation due to the incorrect installation.

Deterioration due to normal wear of mechanisms

(Gasket, o-ring, ceramic box, headed screws, aerators, etc.)

The presence of water with high lime content.

Disorder occurred by the reason of pollution in water and foreign objects (lime stone, sand, metal shavings, etc.)

Exposure to very low (0 ° C) or very high (+80 ° C) temperatures.

Degradation of the surfaces other than chrome surface.

Cleaning with harmful products (abrasive substances, corrosive substances, or acids)

This warranty provides for changing of the parts determined as defective by us (to be delivered to our factory with free shipping) and it does not require any compensation or reimbursement.

Note: Because the warranty becomes invalid without invoice or sales receipt, keep these documents. Indefinite warranty covers the upper body and none of the parts (flexible parts, aerator, ceramic boxes, headed ceramic screws, gaskets, washers, etc.) covered by the indefinite warranty. These parts are warranted by current European standards.


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