Know-how, quality, opinions, vision, since 1901
Excellence in form and function, this is now a standard as it was in the past for Hansgrohe. Hansgrohe has been world leader since 1901; its followers keep one step ahead of their time. It doesnt make any difference that they are the first, who explored hand shower (1928) and they opened a new age with Raindance (2003) on hand showers. At the same time, after the company has been established over the next 110 years, they have a strong creative spirit that constitutes the main thrust for the company in Kara Orman (Black Forest).
The use of our customers and the pleasure, from which you get a kick out of our products remain of course in the forefront.
Environment and sustainability, success gives new tasks.
Responsibility, which lives with Hansgrohe
Hansgrohe Group is the pioneer of the industry about the sustainability, environment and climate protection. Hansgrohe aims for the sky for an ecological future, by looking the existing company history for decades. Because to take social responsibility and to live sustainability create part of the process of self-understanding and the objectives of company. The passion for water prompt us to expand continuously our range of products conserve energy and water and at the same time to determine the trends around the world with innovative technologies.
Climate protection, sustainability and consciousness of being responsible means for Hansgrohe that:
Water and energy-saving products with a long life
Sophisticated recycling systems
Branches and production technologies that respect the environment
The use of renewable energies
Environmental protection projects around the world and an attempt to inform people for a sustainable relationship with water supply
Production and Product does not develop he ecological balance sheets for the sustainability strategy
Social responsibility

Use the water two times
Regain the heat again.
More pleasure, more efficiency
It creates a design difference
Antonio Citterio
Patricia Urquiola
Jean-Marie Massaud
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec
Phoenix Design


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