The Spirit of Water

Dornbracht – This name identifies with quality design fittings and accessories for bath since 1950. Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH  Co. KG, which are managed by third generation and is a medium-sized family-running, with its products, which was awarded again and again, and equipment on the field of bath and kitchen, affected significantly the architecture and function forms. Because the running, whose centre is in Iserlohn and who is active international beyond the branch, can response as flexible the change and development and put into practice the future oriented concepts rapidly, it is recognized as very innovative. Thus it warrants the location and emphasizes continuously its open commitment to the Made in Germany. In addition, Dornbracht with its long-term engagement has settled as an important actor to the Europes cultural scene.

A family-owned company decides different.


Quality in design, surface and workmanship

International awards earned and top end customers have the highest expectations have proved exceptional quality of Dornbracht products.


Sustainability is a stance problem.

Sustainability – Being together on thoughts

Sustainable economy at Dornbracht constitute with creative minds beyond the conformity to the legal conditions.


Dornbracht Banyo 2015