Main objective of Advance Design is to supply appropriate products to everyone in need of construction materials both in Turkey and in the world at the right time and with a good service, high quality and design. While carrying out this task, consultancy service should also be provided if required and the highest level of satisfaction of the customers should be ensured before and after the supply service. Main tasks of Advance Design directors are, on the other hand, to observe that high standards of the organization are always being protected and to administrate the company in a way to provide the greatest value to the shareholders.


Advance Design will be one of the most active organizations within the process of construction projects carried out in Turkey with the understanding of high-quality service and products as well as professionalism. Advance Design shines out with its understanding of qualified supply and consultancy, with the value given to its employees and the attention paid to social responsibilities. It presents its objectives not only to meet the needs of its customers but also to determine and guide the needs of its customers. Advance design will maintain its support provided to social benefits and its leading role in this field in the future, too.


The strategy of the company is to provide customer-oriented services, develop special products and solutions for its customers, follow the changes in the technology and design concepts closely, create specially designed areas for individuals, increase and diversify sales and distribution mediums and to cooperate with the world’s leading brands of construction materials.

Advance Design will always go on to develop new objectives and strategies in accordance with the changing conditions in all periods.