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Objects with Artwork

Everything is possible in the pictures. Fried chicken may actually be a little walnut. If you want to understand this sentence, you can investigate pictures in the below.


The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Books are so important for people who loves reading book. The library is the only place where the books were kept forever. The place and time of reading books is not important. However, reading the mood of quiet and enjoy the splendid library are separate.

We put together libraries from all of the world for lovers.

1. […]

Fascinating Roof Gardens

Today, increasing urbanization causes the reduction of green areas. This yearning for the green spaces and increasing needs. Some talented architects open space for green areas in the city not provided the removal of this requirement. For example; roofs…

1. A house in Japan

2. Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall

3. A Hotel in Israel 

4. A Hotel in Austria 

5. A […]

Art of Paper Cutting

Japanese artist Mr. Riu, it has brought the art of paper cutting our childhood we make a professional dimension. You can find the examples of Mr. Riu’s paper art.

Convert Your House’s Old Furnitures to New Furnitures

Old furniture, takes up too much space in the home, as time goes by it looks bad or old. At the same time, you do not rise up to throw in the furnishings. Then reassess them.

How does?

Below you will find examples.

Bedroom Decoration

If you are tired from the simplicity of your bedroom you can make some changes. You can get an idea of the following visual or an idea in mind.

Door Accessories

Doors are the most important part of houses. You can add a different look to your home by decorating your door.

Home Decorations For Summer

How would you like to decorate your house in the summer in an appropriate manner? Your spirit will be opened with the following home decoration; you will find the peace you seek.

9 Great Place in Disney Movies

The fashion of Disney movies never goes out. If we do not get bored watching how many times the Yeşilçam movies, it is almost impossible to be bored from the Disney movies. What we see in Disney movies, fairy tale spaces were actually inspired by real places.

You can see the places in the below, that […]

Vintage Bathroom Design

Vintage is a fashionable term. Piece or collection on the period of the past year is called vintage. If you like this style and want to make your bathroom the decor in this way, you can get an idea of the following picture.