The floor is an important part of the decoration in a room. It can completely change the look and feel of a room, even though most times it’s ignored or given the least attention in decorating. Therefore, we want to give a few tips to create from scratch in your bathroom.

You may have seen those amazing 3-D street paintings that are totally mesmerizing to look at. They usually combine the elements of very detailed art with the illusion of reality. Well, did you ever think that this art is possible for your bathroom or had seen any 3d bathroom? Think! You can create 3D images with incredible design in your home. The same mystique is involved, only here it is applied to the interior floors of your home, creating beautiful and often breathtaking illusion.

Just imagine having a bath in one of these beautiful bathrooms!

Look at this beautiful bathroom floor


Toilets suspended above the sea water!


Don’t get your feet wet coming out of the tub!


Amazing depth is created with the help of a starfish and it’s shadow!


Your own dolphin to look at it while showering!


The shadows make this look even more realistic.


Incredible depth achieved once again with the help of shadows.


Your bathroom dolphin is watching you.